The story of road markings

Road markings are an often underestimated tool in traffic safety. Road markings are by many road authorities primarily considered a cost, even if proper performing markings and traffic signs are important aids in ensuring safe traffic flow, thus minimizing the number of accidents and fatalities.

The increasing number of elderly people still driving at high ages enhances the need for ensuring proper performing markings. Slower reaction time and less light vision by this group of citizens can be counter balanced by providing proper performing markings. Especially at nighttime markings and signs are the only guidance drivers may have to stay on the road avoiding accidents. And even worse, visibility is further reduced during wet and rainy conditions.

DELTA, the globally leading supplier of retroreflectometers, and Geveko, a leading European producer of road markings, has launched a video, which in 10 minutes tells the story of markings. Learn about what markings are made of, what types of markings are used, what glass beads mean to reflection and retroreflection of light, how the performance of markings is measured and much more.

The video called “The story of road markings” can be viewed on one of the following links: