DELTA launches Hi-Power battery solution for LTL-XL

DELTA launched in August a battery solution with high capacity, the LTL-XL Hi-Power battery.

The high capacity battery has been requested by the market in particular from areas where measurements are often taken in remote areas. The new battery can be ordered with new instruments or can be re-built into existing instruments.

The Hi-Power battery offers a capacity of 4.5 Ah and will on a LTL-XL for a new and fully charged battery provide approx. 2.200 measurements or more than double the number of measurements offered by a standard battery.

The Hi-Power battery, as is the case for the standard battery, is custom made for use with LTL-XL and includes a temperature sensor ensuring that the battery during charging or use does not get over heated. Using DELTA supplied batteries in addition ensures that the LTL-XL instrument is in compliance with legal requirements and user safety.