DELTA launches LTL-X Mark II retroreflectometer for road markings

DELTA has launched the LTL-X Mark II for measuring nighttime visibility of road markings. Over the coming months LTL-X Mark II will replace LTL-X, the most sold hand-held retroreflectometer in USA since its launch 13 years ago and widely used in other parts of the world.

LTL-X Mark II comes with easy readable colour LED display, enlarged memory with a storing capacity of 200,000 measurements, information about temperature and relative humidity and maintenance free LED light. These new features come in addition to features already known from the LTL-X technology, allowing measurements of plane and profiled markings up to 15 mm / 0.6 inch in thickness, nighttime visibility of dry and wet markings as well as during continuous wetting (ASTM E2832) and ensuring fast measurements. Besides, LTL-X Mark II offers a multilingual user menu, making field staff able to understand the instructions in their local language. Calibration of LTL-X Mark II is a simple and easy one-step process recommended to be carried out daily in less than 1 minute.

LTL-X Mark II comes with a calibration reference calibrated in DELTA’s DANAK accredited calibration laboratory and is delivered with a free of charge accredited calibration certificate.

When you hold the new LTL-X Mark II in your hands, you may not at first see much difference compared to the previous model. When you start using it, you will! Quality and robustness of LTL-X Mark II are, of course, in line with its predecessor.