New RetroSign GRX

DELTA is launching RetroSign GRX retroreflectometer for measuring road traffic signs and other high reflecting traffic safety items.


During September DELTA is launching RetroSign GRX for measuring nighttime visibility of road traffic signs, high visibility clothing, license plates and reflective tapes. RetroSign GRX is replacing the existing models RetroSign GR1 & GR3, the globally most sold hand-held traffic sign retroreflectometers since their launch 10 years ago. RetroSign GRX is the most advanced instrument on the market and still very easy to calibrate and operate. It adds new features allowing users to carry out a more complete measurement program for example on road traffic signs.

The instrument is offered in three base models: GRX-1, GRX-3 & GRX-7 where the digit in the name tells the number of observation angles being active. The instrument can be delivered with up to 7 entrance angles. All in all, this makes the instrument suitable for both field and laboratory use besides being prepared for the future.

RetroSign GRX offers features like: Automatic colour recognition, picture of sign, background and legend colour retroreflection and contrast, scanning of barcodes and QR codes for asset management, instrument tilt and rotation, US sign library and much more. The sign library will allow the GRX to instantly tell if a measurement has passed or failed. All instruments come with all features included but only those purchased will be available to the user. If later on additional features are required, they can easily be made available.

RetroSign GRX comes with a calibration reference calibrated in DELTA’s DANAK accredited calibration laboratory and is delivered with a free of charge accredited calibration certificate.

When you hold the new RetroSign GRX in your hand, you will see and feel the difference compared to the previous model. When you start using it, you will be impressed! Quality and robustness of RetroSign GRX is, of course, in line with its predecessor.

Further information on RetroSign GRX can be obtained via DELTA’s web-site, via e-mail or from one of our many distribution partners around the world.