Press release – LTL3000 launch

DELTA launches LTL3000 – a new generation of retroreflectometers for measuring pavement markings.

During June 2020, DELTA launches its new LTL3000 retroreflectometer, which is the first product in a brand-new generation for pavement marking instruments. LTL3000 is built on the latest technological developments with modern design and materials but still as robust, user-friendly and accurate as our current pavement marking instruments LTL-XL and LTL-X Mark II.

LTL3000 is primarily intended for users, who need an instrument for less demanding measurement programs with few central features to support the measurements and who want an instrument easy to transport – and where price may also be a consideration.

Being a small and lightweight instrument, LTL3000 meets the needs expressed by many of our customers. LTL3000 is operated by a touch screen supported by 3 action buttons, which makes it easy for users wearing gloves to operate the instrument. A large memory capacity as well as an easy changeable standard battery allow for many days of unbroken field use.

To meet our customers’ expressed needs DELTA has included measurement of night time retroreflected color, CIE (x,y) chromaticity, according to EN1436 and ASTM D6628 standards as an option. This feature will, for example, allow users to see if yellow markings are actually seen as yellow during nighttime.

LTL3000 will be followed by additional instruments to be launched later in 2020 and during 2021.

Facts about retroreflection: Retroreflection of pavement markings and road traffic signs are important in evaluating if roads a safe for driving in particular during nighttime and under adverse weather conditions like rainfall. A retroreflectometer like LTL3000 can ensure that the evaluation is based on actual measurement data, which can be compared to international requirements stated in standards.

Company information: DELTA is a part of FORCE Technology. FORCE Technology is a leading, international technological consulting and service company. We advise and service, among others, the energy and environmental sectors, the oil and gas industry, the electronics, pharmaceutical and food industries, the maritime industry and the public sector. With more than 1,100 employees in more than 30 offices in 6 countries, we help our clients through specialist consulting and training, laboratory services and testing, on-site inspection and measurement as well as unique components and products.

FORCE Technology is an accredited and government approved company.