Retroreflectometer products

RoadSensors is the globally leading supplier of retroreflectometers for improving traffic safety. Use them to ensure smooth and fast performance checks of pavement markings and traffic sign boards.

Groundbreaking technology that is easy to use

We have paved the way for the use of reflectometers for road safety since the 1980s. To solve tomorrow’s challenge, we apply 80 years of combined experience: Our skilled team of dedicated experts has a dual eye on making retroreflection instruments technologically advanced enough to last for decades while also being easy to use and operate in the field. 

Accurate, certified and responsibly manufactured

All our retroreflectometer instruments comply with international standards like the European EN and US ASTM and are certified regarding user safety and EMC emissions. The instrument calibration normals are calibrated in our DANAK-accredited calibration laboratory, ensuring accuracy.